How to Watch Ice Hockey World Championship 2019 Final – Canada vs Finland for Gold

Ice Hockey is an extremely entertaining sport, it’s fast-paced which renders it exciting thrills and chills. It has millions of viewers in the North American continent, especially in Canada, where its viewers are die-hard fans. Apart from the American continent, it’s also quite famous in the Nordic countries of Europe. Moreover, not only the western half of the globe shouts out for Ice Hockey Championship but also in other countries of the East. However, unfortunately, they don’t get to see this sport on their local TV channels. Same is the case this year again when IIHF World Championships are taking place and it’s quite difficult for viewers outside these countries mentioned above to watch the World Championship matches. So, should they give up on watching their favorite championship this time around? Absolutely not! There’s a fair chance you can watch it without any hassle. But how?

A VPN! What else!

Yes, with a VPN you can watch not only Ice Hockey but any of your favorite sports out there. So, what does this magic wand called a VPN actually do to fix our online whims? It basically puts your virtual location in the country where the event is taking place. For example, You can choose a Canadian IP to watch an IIHF match being anywhere in the world, yo! You just need to buy a VPN subscription and choose a relevant online channel, and voila, you are good to go! Now, how to find the best VPN to watch Ice Hockey matches?

Well, you just need to find a VPN which is good for steaming Ice Hockey matches, that is, a VPN which has fast servers and an effective VPN protocol. We have a few amazing services to make it easier for you to decide on the best VPN service, as under:



With its amazing VPN app and super fast servers, this VPN stands out the chart for us. Our experts say that this is a VPN specially made for streaming. At the same time, it doesn’t compromise your internet security. It’s super fast and has a seamless connection which makes it a perfect fit for streaming. Nord VPN is acclaimed not only by our experts but also by online security connoisseurs around the world.


This is a VPN which goes neck and neck with NordVPN, thanks to its fast servers and super user-friendly app. This is another VPN which is made for streaming for many reasons. On top of it, with ExpressVPN you always stay connected making your connection extremely secure. Our tests reveal that its connection stands robust 24/7. They have an excellent customer support system as well which solves the rarely-occurring problems in a jiffy. The reason why we have kept ExpressVPN on the second place (although it is as good as NordVPN) is that it is a little pricier than all the other VPNs, which becomes quite understandable as soon as you start using its flawless services. Nonetheless, its long-term packages are less expensive than it’s monthly one, therefore we recommend using that.


Last but not least, IPVanish has proven to our experts that they have what it takes to be a good streaming VPN for Ice Hockey matches. This VPN provider has strong VPN servers in the countries where IIHF is broadcast. The best thing we like about IPVanish is that it is cheap, yet has almost every trait of a Good VPN. IPVanish has a good customer support service to make it complete.

So, the important question is: On what channels can one watch IIHF World Championship 2019 Final between Canada and Finland for Gold?

Well, to watch today’s final which is going to be broadcast at 2:15 pm ET is going to be live on the following channels:

  • For good quality, we suggest YouTube TV
  • For people in Europe, we suggest EuroSport
  • To get the best coverage straight from a Canadian channel, we suggest TSN

We hope you won’t miss the exciting IIHF World Championship Canada vs Finland final. Have a great time watching it!