VPN By Purpose

Best VPN for Different Purpose

Best VPN for Kodi

Home entertainment is drab without having this amazing facility of Kodi to enjoy with. Kodi helps entertainment lovers to enjoy all kinds of movies, sports, TV shows and films while they snug in their blankets at home! Read More…


Best VPN for iPhone

These VPN services are the fairy godmothers who give us wings to fly around the world. In other words, you choose a country of your choice and the VPN makes you look like any other national of the selected country! Read More…


vpn guide

Beginners Guide for VPN – EveryThing You Need to Know

It seems impossible to survive in an urban environment without the internet. While you’re going about communicating, browsing, shopping or streaming online your VPN will keep you safe and offer perks. Read More…


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Cheap VPN Service for Budget Seekers

Quick and often free access to the internet through smartphones, PCs, tablets and other devices has opened up a whole new world for users around the globe. Read More…

Best VPN for Linux

So you prefer using Linux Operating System over Microsoft or Apple iOS? Good Decision! Seems like must be someone who likes to keep your personal or professional internet records safe! Read More…


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Best VPN for USA

If you want a private, uncensored, untethered and a secure online experience then the best US VPN provider is what you need right now  Read More…


Best VPN for Windows

While Windows might be the most popular operating system out there on desktop, it certainly cannot be called the most secure of the bunch Read More…


aus vpn

Best VPN for Australia

It really is a bummer that Australian government passed the ‘Telecommunications (Interception and Access) Amendment (Data Retention) Bill’ that has gained the government a right to pry on Australians’ internet history/usage  Read More…


Best VPN for Gaming

While things can be a lot convincible for Torrent and security lovers when it comes to choosing a VPN service; it is always a hard nut to crack for gamers. This isn’t because gamers are inconvincible but because they are very particular about one feature which is speed  Read More…


Best VPN for Android

You don’t think twice before connecting to a free Wi-Fi on your Android device but here’s what you don’t realize: your privacy is in grave danger  Read More…


canada vpn

Best VPN for Canada

Unfortunately, not many Canadians are aware of the number of threats they are exposed to. Being an immensely digitalized country and one of the fewest countries that believe free WiFi is a basic human necessity, the ‘ignorance is a bliss  Read More…


Best VPN for Torrenting

One of the most common ways to easily share files on the internet is through Torrenting, which is also called P2P or peer to peer file-sharing.  Read More…


mac vpn

Best VPN for Mac

According to PWC, cyber crime is the second most common economic crime reported this year. That’s right. Do you still feel safe? When you are working using a free public WiFi, there is zero guarantee of security Read More…


Best VPN for Streaming

For you to stream online without any annoyance, you need to break that geo-restriction, slow speeding, and of course, the ban that your government has put on the webs. How would you do that? VPN?  Read More…


Best VPN for UK

The last two years have been a string of bad news for all the torrentors. While kids on budget used to enjoy unlimited access to their favorite seasons and movies, the elder people could enjoy sitcoms without moving a feather. But wait? Read More…


Best VPN for China

Browsing the internet can be absolute hell in China thanks to The Great Firewall: legislation that regulates online censorship via blocking websites  Read More…