Detailed Analysis of Torguard VPN – All Pros & Cons discussed

In this technology driven era, everything from Facebook usage to YouTube surfing, website security to bank account privacy, every other online activity relies on strong security software’s. Hackers, eavesdroppers, and all sort of cybercriminals are always aggressively active to hitch their hands on user’s online activities.
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In that case, a VPN is undoubtedly an accessible software especially for users who are conscious about online safety and those who value their online privacy. Setting aside naïve people, users who are cognized of the digital world’s mishaps and disasters, consider VPNs as their online saviors. VPNs do not only save you from cyber criminals but they also help you to stay invisible, lets you break geographical restrictions, encrypts your personal data, and helps you get away from observant agencies.
But this also calls for a guide, such as purchase guide and usage guide.
Just as you find it hard to match your tie color with your dress, choosing and purchasing a VPN is times harder than that. You need to know how and what needs to be done.
From huge VPN providers to local VPN providers, everyone claims to offer the best of subscriptions. But, that’s not all, there’s more behind the curtains which you need to find out. To make it easy for you, we decided on to give you a review of TorGuard today. TorGuard can be called as another above average high-quality VPN service that you can avail. It has servers in around 50 plus countries which makes it easy for users to choose between any alternative. It’s available in the most reasonable price and offers high-quality features.
Let’s us hoop right in to what TorGuard VPN has to offer its users.

TorGuard Anonymous VPN

TorGuard offering the anonymous feature is a plus point. It seeks to fulfill what the users really expect from a high-quality VPN. TorGuard Anonymous VPN is offered for the digital tech-savvy users who are more concerned of their online security. VPNs are not just for you to stay safe behind the screen, but it is ought to help you break through the restrictions and stay ahead of the observers. TorGuard also has an anonymous email service which is available in different and cheap packages. Anonymity, the sole purpose of a VPN user, and TorGuard has it in the market.

TorGuard Anonymous Proxy

TorGuard Anonymous Proxy is specifically for Torrent users. It is one of the most effective and wanted package plan which is offered by TorGuard, to make the life of a Torrent user easy. With TorGuards Anonymous Proxy plan, users can access to more than 2000 IP addresses in all the countries where the servers are accessible. By offering unlimited bandwidth and by maintaining zero logs, TorGuard has hitched its place in the VPN industry. Anonymous Proxy server allows P2P sharing at its best and the Torrent users should not miss out on this feature. Moreover, ipon testing TorGuard for torrenting, it was found that there is no IP leakage, and the performance is overall good.


While a lot of VPN providers and servers are advertised as if it’s the only best thing in the world, TorGuard seems to prove that with its features. It is best suited for users who are convinced to stay totally anonymous behind the screen while their online activity, such as Torrent users. Other than that, its anonymous proxy service is basically used to dodge between the geographical restrictions and for P2P file sharing. So, if you are tempted to watch Netflix from a region where it is blocked, you can dodge between the servers and then marathon your favorite series.


Servers are the main issue for any VPN user. But, TorGuard offers about 1600+ servers in over 50 countries which also includes servers in South East Asia, East Asia, even in Saudi Arabia. When a VPN offers multiple servers, it makes it easier for users to bypass geo-restrictions and connect to restricted areas by hiding their IP addresses with a random IP address.


The speed of a VPN server is certainly one of the main concerns for the users and that is where TorGuard excels. Not only does TorGuard claim for unlimited speed, it proves what it claims. The speed is said to be very fast which ranges from high to average, and stable to consistent. Bandwidth, switching, and even anonymous webmail services are said to be absolutely reliable for security conscious users. But, there are cons when there are pros, we have tested and found out that connecting to a distant server causes the speed to slower down. But the good point is that it has no Domain Name System leaks, no IP leaks, and no WebRTC leaks.

Multiple Platforms

When subscribing to a VPN package, you need to look forward to the device compatibility that the VPN offers. Of course, you can’t use one device and let the others rot around just because they have no compatibility with the VPN. So, a VPN that is for multiple devices is what you need to look for.
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TorGuard knows what the customers require, which is why it has multiple platforms. TorGuard is certainly one of the few VPN service which is compatible both with the versions of Windows and Mac. Not to make Android users feel left out, TorGuard also shares compatibility with Android devices. Other than these, users can also connect to devices like, DD-WRT Routers and BoxeeBox. So, no matter what device you may use, TorGuard has your back.
You can also connect to five devices all at once, by just one TorGuard account, from your PC to your smartphones, everything will be secure.

TorGuard for Android

While there are pros to using TorGuard, we have identified a con as well. Yes, the android app for TorGuard is not really a decided one. Different users have faced different experiences on the app. It was highlighted by the Android users that the app does not notify them that the VPN connection has stopped, it has no kill-switch feature for the app. This incident makes it difficult for users to protect their confidentiality and their security. One more con in the app identifies that users face difficulty in connecting to their desired servers.
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However, if you device is not compatible with your desired server, you can check through the tutorials that TorGuard provides for manual configuration. The tutorials will provide you with a step-by-step information as to how you can configure a VPN on your device. For your assistance, TorGuard has its own customer and tech support to help you get through any difficulty.


The protocols that TorGuard offers and supports are the OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP, and SSTP. TorGuard, howsoever, does not keep any logs of your online activity, so you can stay anonymous and your confidential data goes in no hand. The most recommended protocol by the experts is the OpenVPN, which seeks to give maximum privacy to your data.

Customer Support Service

The customer support service is a facility that the VPN servers are ought to provide to its users for queries and feedbacks. TorGuard also has a department set up especially for customer service. They have support areas with knowledge base, FAQ, troubleshooting, support ticket systems, and forums. The support ticket system turn in responses to the customers in no time. For the convenience of the customers, they also offer a live chat option. For a service to be successful, the staff must deal politely with the customers, which is where TorGuard staff excels.

Free Trial

Okay, anything that is free is attractive. But, unfortunately, TorGuard has nothing free to offer you. However, it facilitates the users by offering a 30 days money back guarantee in case of the VPN service being unsatisfactory.


TorGuard has four different offers in its subscription plan. A subscription for one month, three months, six months, and a subscription for a year. You will be given a higher discount depending on the length of your subscription.
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Costs of the subscription plans:
Monthly plan – $9.99.
Quarterly plan – $20.97.
Semi-annual plan – $29.99.
Annual plan – $59.99, which you can also pay in monthly installments of $4.99.

Payment Options

So, after you decide on your desired VPN service, the next big thing is the payment issue. But, TorGuard offers multiple ways through which you can easily make your payments such as, payments via Credit/Debit cards, PayPal, UnionPay, Google Wallet, and Bitcoins, etc.
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The review of TorGuard and its features is explained in detail and our decision, regardless of biasedness, would be in favor of the TorGuard VPN. Depending on the overall offerings and the tested performance of TorGuard VPN, we are in no doubt that TorGuard has a range of packages and services which are to fulfill the customer’s wants. Not only does it protect your online activities, but it also helps you break geo-restrictions and get away from observers. It supports tunneling protocols and helps create a secure network for its users. What else would you need? Oh, and, remember that it also has a 30-day money back guarantee so it won’t harm you to give this VPN a shot.