Teams to Watch in FIFA WorldCup 2018 Russia

The 2018 FIFA World Cup is less than a week away; and we cannot contain ourselves to witness the teams giving us a treat, full of excitement and fit-throwing matches. Football fans are curiously waiting to see how FIFA World Cup is going to pan out this time. The tournament is returning back to Europe since the last world cup took place in Germany, 2006. Bouncing back to this edition, the world cup will kick off with the first match between Russia and Saudi Arabia. We have 32 powerful teams in the list to vie for one crown. With Germany in the current lead, we want to see who will snatch away the trophy this time. World class players are loaded with talent and are enthusiastic to light the pitch. Let’s us hoop right into the detailed talk about the teams to look out for in the FIFA World Cup 2018.

  1. Brazil

Brazil FIFA Worldcup Squad

Since the commencement of FIFA World Cup, we’ve seen Brazil proudly taking home the trophy, not twice or thrice, but five times. This edition could be their sixth time, we have yet to see. Brazil has always been a big name on the national stage. Besides Russia, Brazil is the first team to qualify for the World Cup. With Neymar, the world’s expensive player, they have a great chance of going far in the World Cup.

This edition’s Brazil team looks powerful and will definitely throw record-breaking matches. With their young talent and their existing talent-wealthy players, defenders like Marcelo and T.Silva,  additions like Casemiro and Fred, Gabriel Jesus, Willian, and Roberto Firmino, Brazil is set-fit to take the national glory home.

Brazil is in the Group E and is pitted against Switzerland, Serbia, and Costa Rica. We predict the matches to be enjoyable and Brazil being on the top.

  1. Germany

Germany Worldcup Squad 2018 Russia

Team Germany with a classy world cup kit and a blend of both experience and power. So, will they be able to defend their 2014 deadly World Cup? As we predict the results, it’s nothing new to say that the Germans, time and time again, prove that on the 90th minute they’re still set to win and snatch their cup. Their motivation to win, as a strong team, helps them defend any team they face. Germans play attacking and enjoyable football with long passes, Joachim Low always try to do something different with strategy. They go with man marking, and sometimes let opponent attack and plan counter attacks from the right and left backs.

The team is lead by Manuel Neuer, goalkeeper of the team. Their strong defenders like, Niklas Süle, Marvin, Ginter, and  Boateng. Midfielders like, Julian Brandt, Emre Can, and Leon Goretza. Moreover, top player Mesut Özil along with the 23 talent-wealthy boys will represent a powerhouse German team in the World Cup.

  1. Spain

Spain Squad for Russia 2018

Spain is filled with Veteran World Cup winners and new young addition in their squad. Spain has always been a big contender from the past decade because of their stylish and awestruck way of match-delivery. In the last ten years, they’ve won a World Cup and Two Euros. In the last World Cup edition, unfortunately, Spain had to exit in the group stage. However, the team is content to bounce back into winning ways with younger and exciting players.

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Spain has David De Gea to lead the team in goal, who is arguably the best goalkeeper in the world. Talking about their defenders, their defence is as strong as ever, Jordi Alba, Dani Carvajal, Ferard Pique, and Sergio Ramos, of course. Spain’s Midfielder, you’d say one or two, but each midfielder can open the game for the team, like Isco, David Silva, Thiago Alcantara, Andres Iniesta, and Koke. Spain has a powerful squad in this World Cup edition and as capable as each squad player is, the team can waltz through to the title this year.

  1. Argentina

Argentina FIFA World cup 2018 Squad

Argentina, World Cup finalists, and Copa America Finalists have big names in its squad. Lionel Messi’s never-ending enthusiasm and passion have given him everything, but the only trophy missing in his list is the World Cup. Can we expect Argentina to go one step above from the last World Cup? Will this be the year when Messi will take the glory home? Argentina is not just Lionel Messi, even though he’s their key player. But, the squad has many more deadly and talented players to help Argentina defend and get one step up.

Argentina’s forward line can do wonders, Paulo Dybala, Higuain, Sergio Aguero led by Lionel Messi; when the four of them unite, there’s no stopping for Argentina. Their midfielders have skills to offer as well; Angel Di Maria, Eduardo Salvio, and Ever Banega. Defenders like, Marcos Rojo, Javier Mascherano, and Gabriel Mercado can set the game for the team as one.

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Argentina will face a challenging game with Croatia in Group D, following matches with Iceland and Nigeria. But, we can expect the 2014 runners-up to throw great matches in this World Cup because they’re here for the trophy.

  1. France

French Squad for Russia Worldcup 2018

France, with the most depth and quality of young players, is the team to watch out for. French national team will try to overcome the Euro 2016 disappointment at home by lifting the World Cup title this summer. The squad has great depth and can have an equal replacement in almost every position.

Paul Pogba and Antoine Griezmann are the key French players leading Kylian Mbappe, Ousmane Dembele, Kante, and Olivier Giroud. This edition, the French squad awaits to win their second World Cup after 20 years; looks like they’re over the Euro defeat and are ready to light the pitch.

France is in Group C and fans look forward to seeing them on the top. They will give tough matches to Australia, Denmark, and Peru. Would not be an easy walk for them, but surely France has a lot of potentials to top the group or even end up winning the Worldcup.


Each team, with different play-styles and strengths, is set to hit the center stage in Russia this summer. Fans screaming, furiously searching up on injuries, colored shirts in the stadium, teams with rivalries, it’s the FIFA year and it’s only days away. Who do you think will bring home the World Cup? Who do you think will deliver game-changing matches in this 2018 edition of FIFA?