Check Your IP Address

Understanding IP
In order to understand why it is important to use a VPN to hide your IP, it is first imperative to look into what IP is itself. In very simple words it is your virtual personal ID which is given to you by your ISP (Internet Service Provider). Your IP address can easily let you exchange information and connect with other computers.
Not only that ‘you’ can share information with others, through your IP, others may also collect your information which includes your country and city name, your ISP (Internet Service Provider), your area code and also the browser you use etc. In other words, your IP is your footprint as you walk through the internet.
However, it normally doesn’t lead back to your home i.e. revealing your personal information such as your home address, street name or your own name, unless a third-party (such as a hacker or a government agency) takes over your data from your ISP.
Why you need to hide your IP using a VPN?
Because an IP reveals your virtual information and in some cases even your physical location information, it is important to protect whatever information is trackable as it can lead to insecurity over the internet. A visible IP is like an ajar door of a house. Like burglars can invade an unlocked house, hackers can infringe your data over the internet. This is especially as you connect yourself to a free WiFi hotspot. Therefore, it is never a good idea to leave your IP visible.
The plus is not just your internet security but also to have an access to hundreds and thousands of geo-restricted websites. Hiding and changing your IP with a VPN lets you enhance your online experience.
It is quite easy to avail these many benefits of hiding your IP. You can do that with choosing any best VPN provider and you are protected in a few clicks!
FYI, there are two types of IPs that can define your location over the internet. These are dedicated and dynamic IPs. The dedicated IP is the one given to you by your ISP which remains unchanged each time you connect to the internet (without a VPN). On the other hand, the dynamic IP is the one that can change as you pick another location on your VPN app. However, a VPN can also give you a dedicated IP, assigning you only one server at a time. The whole game of hiding and changing your IP through a VPN is switching between your ISP’s dedicated IP to your VPN’s untraceable dynamic or dedicated IP.
Just as you hide your IP, nobody can locate your place. All that you do over the internet including your traffic is encrypted which gives you a supreme tenseless internet security. Your sensitive information and traffic data is then unreachable even to your ISP who had all the access of your whereabouts over the internet earlier.
In short, hiding your IP through using a VPN is the only ultimate and the most relevant way to secure your data and traffic over the internet.

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