BVPN Review 2020 January

BVPN is a Netherlands-based virtual private network (VPN) provider that was officially launched in 2014. In a matter of just a few years and with a lot of hard work and dedication, the name grew to become one of the big names competing in the VPN market today. It has been continuously improving its high-end security features as well as developing new and improved features in each and every version that was released. The service has been praised by many critics as well as users in the most extreme online environments around the world such as China. In this review, we will be taking a much closer look at the service and all its capabilities and features.

bvpn web screnshot

Pricing & Offers

When it comes to the prices of their packages and offers, BVPN is very straightforward and simple as they provide one all inclusive package with 3 different subscription plans (Monthly, semi-annually, and annually) as shown below.
1-month subscription     → $9.99
6 months subscription   → $50.00 ($8.33 / month)
12 months subscription → $90.00 ($7.50 / month)
bvpn pricing

As you can see their price plans alone are discounted depending on the duration of the subscription. In addition to that, they regularly make even more attractive special offers and discounts that can reach up to 70% off. For more information about their endless deals, you can simply visit their website and have chat with their extremely professional customer service to be updated with the latest offers.

Payment Methods Availability

BVPN accept almost every payment method that you can think off. These methods include both regular anonymous methods such as Bitcoins, Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, WebMoney, Mint, OneCard, CASHU, iDeal, Fanapay, and several others. We always advise VPN users to use the anonymous methods as they are more secure than regular payment methods.
bvpn payment method

Free Trial & Money-back Guarantee Policy

It’s very rare to find a VPN provider that offers a free trial for their services without even requesting credit card details. Most VPNs offer a money-back guarantee period which, to some users, is not very inviting as users prefer testing the service out first before sinking a monetary investment in it. This is why BVPN has reached out to new subscribers with 2 different free-trial options in addition to a very fair refund policy as follows:

  1. Users can register for an account and get a 3-day free full access to the service (including access to all servers, features, and the ability to connect up to 6 devices simultaneously on all operating systems)
  2. a 90-minutes daily free trial for 3 days without the need to register for an account (this gives you access to a limited number of servers for Mac and Windows users)

After choosing one of these 2 options and decide to subscribe, you will get a full 7-day money back guarantee period where if you do not like the service within the first 7 days of using it you will be fully refunded, no questions asked. That sounds like a pretty trustworthy deal.

Privacy Policy (Logs Policy)

The main point of acquiring a VPN service is to protect your online privacy. In other words, there is no point of using a VPN service if it keeps any logs of your online activities or personal information. When push comes to shove, all this information can land in the wrong hands and we are back to square one. This is why BVPN has a very strict “no logs” policy as it does not keep any logs of its users’ online activity whatsoever. This is called a Zero-Logging VPN service. The only information they do keep is the information you used to sign up in the first place like your name, email address, etc. and this is only to keep your account afloat. They are pretty honest and straightforward about it too.

BVPN Application (Client Software)

We started off by registering for an account and subscribing for a premium account which took just a few very simple steps and then went on to downloading the BVPN application for Windows to give it a proper and fair test run. The size of the Windows application is very compact as not to take up much screen space when navigating through the application’s controls.
The design of the client is very simple with an extremely user-friendly interface. All that you need out of the application is a simple click away. When you open the application for the first time you will be required to sign in with your credentials. After logging in you will have full access to the main page where you can navigate from there to the list of servers to choose either to connect to a specific server or you can choose the fastest server option. This allows the application to automatically connect to the server with the fastest connection speed.
You can also switch between tunneling protocols and control other features such as the internet kill switch and IPv6 leak protection from them by clicking on the settings icon on the main page.
bvpn app
app setting bvpn review
app setting bvpn reviews

Main Features

BVPN has been continuously adding new features and continuously improving its current features. In this section, we will take a closer look at all these features and know whether or not they are up to the great reputation of BVPN.


BVPN’s security measures are of the highest levels as it has adopted its security standards according to the toughest online environments around the world. Whether it is extreme censorship such as that in China caused by the Great Firewall of China or extreme surveillance such as that taking place in Europe, it will not stand a chance against BVPN. It is not just us saying this, but the security level of the service and its uniqueness has been praised by several websites specializing in online security.

The entire network of servers is secured with a military grade AES 256-bit encryption which is the most advanced form of encryption available among VPNs today. BVPN also supports multiple advanced and unique security protocols including OpenVPN with UDP and TCP, SSH, L2TP with IPSec, and its very own Smoke Tunnel which we will discuss in more details later on. PPTP used to be supported, however, it is not anymore due to that it is not considered one of the secure protocols anymore.
Before we go into more details about Smoke Tunnel let us shine the light on the other protocols supported especially OpenVPN. Now the OpenVPN protocol supported by BVPN runs on both UDP and TCP. Not only that, but the user has the ability to switch between them by a single click without any throttling. In addition to that, BVPN was one of the very first VPNs to support OpenVPN on SSH Tunnel. This is a built-in feature made to bypass the toughest situations such as the Great Firewall of China and any Deep Packet Inspection undergone by governments for the core purpose of restricting websites. This is why BVPN is one of the highly recommended VPNs for locations such as China and Iran who have the highest levels of online censorship.
One of the main security features that caused BVPN to leap to a leading position in the market was that the BVPN client for iOS has a built-in OpenVPN client which makes it the first VPN application for iOS to support OpenVPN without the need to install a separate application for it.

Smoke Tunnel

Due to the rise of online censorship around the world by governments and their endless attempts to block VPN services, it has become an ongoing challenge for VPN services to play their key role in providing their users with online privacy, online security, and online freedom. For that reason, VPN service has been striving into developing new encryption technologies to assist in overcoming these strong restrictions, firewalls, and Deep Packet Inspections. When it came to BVPN, they were able to develop their own form of strong double encryption technology called “Smoke Tunnel”.
BVPN customized the User Datagram Protocol or UDP that is built into the client software to act as an additional layer of encryption. It is even stronger than the commonly used double encryption layers by other VPN providers. This is what Smoke Tunnel is. Smoke Tunnel works by completely hiding the OpenVPN connection and obfuscates network traffic to make it completely undetectable by tough firewalls such as the Great Firewall of China and Deep Packet Inspections.
An additional advantage of the Smoke Tunnel is that it fixes the connection speed by resolving any throttling problems which can be caused by different IPs and ports without affecting or interrupting the connection itself, providing the user with a stable and strong VPN connection for a longer period of time.

Kill Switch

In its latest versions of the application, BVPN has implemented a built-in internet kill switch which acts as an emergency measure if, for any reason, the VPN connection drops. In other words, if at any time the VPN connection drops, the kill switch disables the entire internet connection until the VPN connection is back online. This prevents any leaks from taking place due to the drop in the secure VPN connection. The user has the ability to either enable or disable this feature from the settings of the application. It is as simple as clicking to check or uncheck a checkbox.

IPv6 Leak Protection

As a means to prevent any IP leaks, BVPN implemented the feature “IPv6 Leak Protection” within the application. When it is enabled it blocks all IPv6 traffic and only allowing IPv4 traffic through. This way all the network traffic will be encrypted leaving no chance for any leaks.
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DNS Leak Protection

Once the VPN connection is established, BVPN already by default has an enabled DNS Leak Protection capability. We tested this ourselves by running DNS leak tests on several random servers and the results were as close to perfection as could be as shown below.
dnsleak protection ibvpn

test ibvpn
Smart DNS

Last but not least, and it is the latest addition of features, the latest version of BVPN has a built-in Smart DNS which was added in the light of the recent crackdown on VPN services by famous streaming websites such as BBC iPlayer, Netflix, and Hulu.

Servers and Bandwidth

Compared to other big names in the field of VPNs, BVPN has a limited number of server locations, yet there are continuous additions and the server locations already available are highly strategically placed that you will never feel the limitation. The network of servers consists of over 20 locations spread all over the world including UK, USA, France, Germany, Netherlands, Ukraine, Sweden, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Japan, India, Canada, Australia, and several more locations.
ibvpn servers and bandwidth
BVPN users are able to very easily switch between servers without any limits. In other words, with BVPN, users have unlimited server switching.
When it comes to bandwidth, BVPN users enjoy completely unlimited data bandwidth with no throttling whatsoever.


BVPN is compatible with almost every major platform including Windows (Vista and later), Mac OS (10.7 and higher), iOS (8 and higher), Android (4.0.3 and higher), and you can also manually configure it on gaming consoles, all types of routers, media streaming devices (e.g. Apple TV box, Amazon Firestick etc.)

Simultaneous Connections

BVPN provides its users the capability to connect up to 6 devices simultaneously with one subscription. Compared to other VPNs in the market this is a pretty competitive edge as most providers offer up to a maximum of 5 simultaneous connections.

Torrenting & P2P Sharing

All BVPN servers support P2P sharing except those in the USA

Customer Support

BVPN has a 24/7 live chat customer support service. You can also contact them by email. We tried asking them about a few issues just to know how effective they are and we were immediately fired back at with precise and extremely helpful Information. For more complicated inquiries or in case there is any technical issue, they use TeamViewer, remote assistance software, to make sure they provide you with the level of assistance needed.
Also, their FAQ section is extremely helpful as it provides detailed tutorials with screenshots for any question you may have in mind.


During the uprise of the countless names of VPN’s the competition was really tight. However, with the recent crackdown on VPN services by both websites and governments, services kept falling one after the other except for the few powerful and reliable services that started evolving technologically to rise up to the online challenges around the world. It is very safe to say that BVPN, with all its features and its connection stability and speed, has proven itself to be one of the strong few. On more than one occasion these guys proved how keen they are on protecting their users’ online privacy, online security, and online freedom.



Not based in the US
No logging policy
Unlimited bandwidthUnlimited server switching
IPv6 protection
DNS leak protection
Strong encryption
Strong tunneling protocols (L2TP/IPsec, OpenVPN, SSH, Smoke)
Smoke Tunnel
Built-in OpenVPN for iOS
Cross-platform support
6 Simultaneous connections
P2P/ torrenting is permitted
User-friendly client
Global network of servers
Fast speed
Cheap price plans & discounts
Free trial
Money-back guarantee
24/7 live chat support

Limited number of servers