4 Best USA VPN Services to Protect You from the Big Brother

Do you think that the USA is the land of the free? Well, the recent revelations by Edward Snowden imply something totally opposite to the claim. You are being watched! The government under Donald Trump has full access to get into the digital footprints of any US citizen and see it all. However, the US government does not have an extreme amount of control, like China does, but it can still monitor the internet activity of US citizens. 
Where would you hide and how? Well, that’s where your savior, The Best USA VPN Service comes in. And why do we call it a savior? For that, you need to keep reading and know more about the amazing solution in this guide.

Why Did USA Laws For Internet Surveillance Get Stricker? 

In April, President Trump signed a bill. The bill said that the internet service providers (ISPs) such as Verizon and AT&T doesn’t have to protect consumer data, in effect jeopardizing people’s privacy and opening them up to surveillance. Net neutrality is also being weakened by FCC Chairperson Ajit Pai which is also going to strengthen ISPs for making fast lanes for preferred internet traffic and slowing down the other sources. Is this really the twenty first century? Well certainly, cyber breach is becoming a norm, and we, as the ones being affected, should do whatever we can to make ourselves anonymous.

Benefits of Using a VPN

These days, everything that you do online needs to be secure. You would not want to have your personal information disclosed to any other party, and we know that this is not an impossible task.
There are a hundred ways you can save yourself from online disasters but not every alternative is as effective as it seems. However, there are some life-saving connections that can give you the answers to all your questions.
As a matter of fact, VPNs are the best tool for your online safety and a secure connection. Given below are the benefits of using a VPN; 

IP Address Masking

A VPN is capable of changing your IP address. This way you can view content that is restricted in your country. You will need a different IP address to make your current location look like you are in that specific location. 

Online Privacy and Anonymity

A VPN will provide you online privacy and anonymity. With a VPN, you can browse the internet anonymously. You can access both websites and web applications without having to reveal your identity.

Cheap Travel Tickets

This is a rarely known benefit of a VPN that you can get cheaper travel tickets . However, it depends on your geographical location and that’s how it becomes a trick that many people miss out on. The best way to get a cheaper flight is to find a country with a low cost of living.

Access To Geo-Restricted Content

The biggest benefit of having a VPN is that it lets you view restricted content and play the games that are restricted in your country.

What’s the Best You Need – A VPN for USA Surely!

The invasive cybersecurity laws, mass surveillance of citizens, and storage of phone calls are all the things that have made US citizens really concerned about their digital well-being and online privacy. However, the one thing that really fascinates us is that the US inhabitants are well aware of modern-day hacks and malware. This clearly makes them sensible enough and learn the fact that cyberspace isn’t as fancy and wonderful as we think it is.
There are many more technical aspects, and you surely want to read about them, but before that, let’s get to the main drill. You want a private, uncensored and a secure online experience, which is most probably why you are here reading this. So, here are the best USA VPN service providers that you can rely on for your online privacy and security:

Best USA VPN Deals

Price $8.32/month
30-day Money-back Guarantee!
 Upto 256-bit Encryption
 Easy to Use Apps/Softwares
24/7 Live Support
3000+ Servers in 160+ countries

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Price $3.49/month
5341 Servers in 59 Countries
2048 Bit Encryption
Multi Login for 6
30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Supports Netflix with SmartPlay Feature on Apps

Read NordVPN Review

Price $9.99/month
No Log Policy
P2P File Sharing Good
1 Week trial & Money-Back Guarantee
3000+ servers in 55 Countries
OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP/IPsec, SSTP & iKEv2

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Price $2.50/month
700+ servers in 34 countries
30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Accepts Bitcoin Payment
Netflix Friendly with Few Servers
Multiple Device Compatible

How to Choose a Good VPN?

A VPN is of great help when it comes to online privacy. However, you must choose a good VPN to get your desired results. Given below are a few things you must look for in a VPN;

Privacy and Security

Always choose a VPN that has special security features like a kill switch and DNS leak protection. A good VPN will also have a no logs policy.

Easy To Use

The installation and setup process of a good VPN is mostly very easy to use and user-friendly. Their customer support must be great as well. Always look for a VPN that is easy to use and has good customer support.


One of the most important things to look for in a good VPN is its performance. It should be fast. It is also very likable if a VPN does not slow down your internet connection. A VPN that slows down your internet speed a lot, becomes very problematic.


 A good VPN is always the one that offers a variety of features. Special, high-security features are always a plus point. A good VPN will always have features like a kill switch, server switching, port selection, multiple VPN protocols, and DNS leak protection. It is up to you to decide what you need in a VPN, and what your budget is.

Why Are VPNs so Popular?

USA VPN services have become so popular among internet users in the States. They allow you to view the restricted content and encrypt your data to bypass surveillance. You can change your real location as well. VPNs provide you online security and privacy, which everyone wants these days. 
Here are the four best USA VPNs ranked by users according to their features and performance:

NordVPN – The Best USA VPN Service, period!

NordVPN is among the oldest USA VPN service providers in the market. If you are not happy with how it works, you can get your money back within 30 days of signing up. It runs on most operating systems including Windows, OS X, and iOS. You may run it on up to six devices using just one VPN account. Your user logs will not be kept and strong encryption is performed via IKEv2/IPsec, OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP, and IPSec. 
NordVPN runs on all popular devices including phones, tablets, and laptops. Their customer support is quick to fix any problems you might face while running it. NordVPN has a foothold in over sixty countries and considered high quality by experts and users both.

ExpressVPN – Strongest VPN

ExpressVPN is known as one of the best USA VPN service providers. It has servers in more than 3000+ locations globally in 160+ countries. Since ExpressVPN is based in British Virgin Islands, the complex USA laws affecting user privacy don’t apply.
ExpressVPN is compatible with major operating systems like Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Linux. You can have 3 VPN connections at the same time with a single ExpressVPN account. To keep your data safe, it employs SSL with 256-bit encryption.
ExpressVPN supports protocols such as OpenVPN (TCP, UDP), L2TP-IPsec, SSTP and PPTP. The bit is that ExpressVPN offers 23 different payment options including Bitcoin. Its monthly plan starts at $12.95/ month and comes with a 30 day money-back guarantee.
Currently, ExpressVPN is offering a  49% flat discount and 3 months extra on the 1-year ExpressVPN subscription. This means you can get 15 months by just paying for 12 months.
ExpressVPN offers unlimited bandwidth, speed and server switches with 99.9% up-time. ExpressVPN does not keep any logs and has a superb 24/7 customer support available.
So, it’s about time you avail one of the Best USA VPN Services to experience a secure internet connection.

TorGuard – Reliable USA VPN

The variety of service bundles offered by TorGuard and its brilliant performance makes it one of the top USA VPN providers. The Anonymous Proxy is for $5.95 / month, Anonymous VPN for $9.99 / month, Anonymous Email for $6.95 / month and Privacy Bundle for $11.54 / month. You can get the VPN + Proxy Bundle at 40% off. It costs only $11.54 per month.
The best part is that you can check out TorGuard on trial basis. 
If you don’t like it enough to invest in it, then you can get your money back within seven days. TorGuard brings top-notch VPN services to more than fifty countries. The company owns more than 1600 state-of-the-art servers, which means that you will never have to put up with overloaded ones.
This affords a high speed connection along with smooth streaming and downloads. You can browse anonymously as they keep no logs with its powerful encryption and rely on their helpful customer care.

Safer VPN – A Speedy and User-Friendly USA VPN

Now you can enjoy high-speed anonymous browsing with Safer VPN, which not only keeps logs and allows you to access content only visible to users in specific locations. They provide 256-Bit strong encryption employing OpenVPN, IKEv2, L2TP/IPSec and PPTP in over thirty countries. It runs smoothly on all devices with operating systems such as Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Chrome. 
You may get started with only $7.49 per month and cancel your subscription within fourteen days if unsatisfied. Their Current Spectacular Sale offers 81% off, which you can avail during Christmas.  Safer VPN focuses on user-friendly apps and even offers a free unlimited Chrome extension. You also get automatic Wi-fi security along with automatic diagnose fix. You may get in touch with their 24/7 customer support through live chat and email.

More Reasons:

Unblock Online USA Streaming Channels

Non-Americans cannot bypass much of the content and on-demand channels, be it FIFA World Cup streaming, Non-Americans would not be able to access Fox Sports for FIFA games live, so definitely for that, you would require a good USA VPN.
How does it work? well, it replaces your original IP with one of its USA server’s IP. So this makes you eligible for the website as it makes you appear online from the United States and you can access any website that was earlier blocked for you, that’s kind of how VPN works and do the magic!

Protection Against Mass-Surveillance

All the facts that we have discussed above regarding privacy and invasions of Surveillance agencies into our online world is really alarming.
You are not safe on mobile phones, every app that you download, activities on the social network, everything is traceable by the NSA, be it a home security cameras attached to your Home Wifi router.
If you believe in Internet Freedom and privacy you must buy a USA VPN. A USA VPN will hide your real IP, encrypt your data and route it through a secure tunnel that no one can spy on.

Stay Anonymous on Public WiFi and Hotspots

Do you really think the public WiFis at StarBucks, NewYork Subway or any other public place are safe?
Connecting to a Hotel WiFi or Airport WiFi via iPhone or Android phone is a wise decision for just check-ins and status updates?
Unsecured public hotspots are hackers most favorite spot to get into your phone or hack it. Its a cup of tea to create a phony-duplicate WiFi and spy on everything you are doing online, so don’t enjoy your cup of tea at a cafe’s wifi as it really is a cup of tea for them (hackers) to hack into your phone.
Without a good VPN, you are exposed to hackers and may end up losing your precious data like credit card information and other important credentials. Be safe online and get a good USA VPN before connecting to any public WiFi.

Avoid Infringement Laws in the USA

As discussed above, the infringement laws are complex and the more you learn about them the more difficult they are to understand. The emergence of P2P file sharing and the Internet has resulted in copyright holders pursuing strict punishments for offenders.
Do remember, we only list those USA VPNs that do not keep user logs and have optimized P2P servers for torrenting. If you have legit reasons to download or share large data files via P2P technology, a USA VPN that we have listed above can help you provide assistance while keeping your identity protected from legal authorities.

More Countries:


There are several free USA VPN services but beware of unreliable ones. Always opt for those which are highly recommended by users. So always do one thing before making your final choice, go to twitter.com, and check the relevant #hashtag for the VPN provider, are people talking good about the service or not? Meanwhile, our development team has made the tedious task a much easier, a comparison tool for you that makes the picture clearer. 
It’s better to choose one which is not based in the USA to avoid becoming a victim to unfavorable privacy laws. The five best VPN software options listed above have a lot of credibility in their field. They may be paid but you can also conduct free trials to gauge their performances. The ones owning VPN servers physically present in USA territory are the most promising. The convenient price packages afford versatility and affordability for everyone.
Advanced USA Government surveillance in the light of recent high-level criminal activities around the world has taken its toll on users’ privacy. Besides your data being saved and analyzed for critical information, there are location-based restrictions on content. Certain streaming websites only allow users from a selected group of countries to watch their videos. This creates a lot of problems for users residing outside these countries.
You would come across various websites on the internet talking about the internet security and VPNs but you need to be very smart when opting for a USA VPN. Best VPN Deals has done comprehensive research regarding the issues faced by the US netizens in their daily lives and thus has come up with these above VPNs that will make the internet a much better place.