4 Best UK VPN Services – Avoid The Spying Brits!

The last two years have been a string of bad news for all the torrentors. While kids on budget used to enjoy unlimited access to their favorite seasons and movies, the elder people could enjoy sitcoms without moving a feather. But wait?  Where did they go?

Where Did The Torrentors Go?

The sad message displayed on Chrome ‘this site has been blocked by your ISP’ has swept the whole population under the mourning blanket. The government has taken a stern action and has finally passed the required bills to get a hand on everyone’s search history, including torrenting.

4 Best VPN in UK Brought To You!

That is where we come in action to provide you the dark knight that shall save your day, the Best UK VPN Services:[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Price $2.50/month
Excellent Support Team
Good Encryption Protocols
Unrestricted Server switching
200,000+ IPs & 700+ servers
3 Days Trial Version Offered

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Price $3.25/month
Superb App Features
Speed and Reliability Good
more than 40,000+ anonymous IPs
225+ servers in over 60 countries
7 Day Money Back Guarantee

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Price $8.32/month
 30 day Money-back Guarantee!
 Upto 256-bit Encryption
 Easy to Use Apps/Softwares
24/7 Live Support
3000+ servers in 94+ countries

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Price $3.49/month
5092+ servers in 60+ countries
2048 bit encryption
Multi Login for 6
30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Supports Netflix with SmartPlay Feature on Apps

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What is a VPN?

A VPN in the simplest terms is how you get off your Internet Service Providers‘ spy book. What a VPN does is it changes your Internet Address (IP) that the ISP provides you, connects you to another (chosen) company’s server and makes you look like you are just another random chosen country’s internet user. Still haven’t understood? Well, not to worry, let’s analyze VPN in simple layman language. A VPN simply makes you anonymous in front of ISPs and any Surveillance agency that means no one can keep a track of whatever you are doing online, more like an incognito right? It, in fact, is better and more anonymous. How wonderful is that!

Where is the Free VPN UK?

There are many UK VPN servers/services that promise to provide the same deal for free, so people rather think why go for the paid ones in the first place? Well, you must have heard there’s no such thing as free lunch. All the free ones have been tested by verified sources and they all have the same conclusion, they WON’T WORK! Either the encryption is not done perfectly or the streaming is dreadfully slow. That means no Netflix and kiss goodbye to Piratebay which we all love.

Then, What are those best UK VPNs?

Let’s discuss the famous VPN services.

Editors Choice

NordVPN – Ranked Number 1 UK VPN

This VPN for the UK is mostly for professional and business usage as it provides double encryption that automatically slows the process down. But for those who crave for nothing but keeping the government’s nose out of their business details, NordVPN shall provide the fastest feet and the safest gateway to heaven.
It comes with a ‘Kill Switch’ that aids you in closing all of your activities in case the VPN connection drops.  NordVPN has a feature of supporting Tor over a VPN that is the maximum security a person could get their hands on, so NordVPN easily makes it to the top for the best UK VPN service 2019.
Huge Range of IPs and Servers
Amazing and Easy to Use Apps

Summer is here and fun is at it’s height, so why not binge watch those shows that you could not get your hands on? Have a look at the VPNs playing the role of Batman.


ExpressVPN has the best customer feedback in the VPN history. From no important logging notes to fastest speed to perfect anonymity, there is no key factor that ExpressVPN does not win the user’s heart.  Furthermore, ExpressVPN allows us to use their services for a month at a months’ money-back guarantee. We don’t simply rate a VPN on top until and unless they really meet the specific requirements and give customers a sense of satisfaction, and a happy customer is what we need!
Other interesting features of ExpressVPN include 3 simultaneous connections via 3 devices, excellent customer care services available 24/7 and provides excellent performance in streaming.
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A Switzerland based company, VyprVPN, has the sole benefit of staying hidden from “5 eyes”. That means every customer’s data stays safe and well beyond their reach to cause any harm to them. Even if they maintain logs for 30 days, it does not cause any trouble. VyprVPN allows its users to connect from the same account through five different devices; a feasibility feature that enables the user to use VyprVPN services anywhere from any device.

IP Vanish

IP Vanish is like a dream come true for all casual users of the internet. With its low cost per month, best user interface, fastest speed and zero log policy, this VPN has made its way to the heart of most of the users. The reason for its cheap packages is that it has a lesser number of features than other VPN services that are loaded. By keeping it relatively simple, it is still everything you would need from a VPN. So it is highly recommended for those people residing in Britain who are looking for “the simpler, the better”.
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Risks of US Based VPN Companies

Considerable technological advancement has been attributed to individuals and brands belonging to the U.S. They possess state-of-the-art software that has been employed everywhere from the FBI to the Internet of Things present in home appliances. If you think US VPNs are the most reliable choice, think again! Although their technology is impressive, the laws that are meant to ensure national security, in fact, encroaches upon the rights of their citizens.
US intelligence agencies are notorious for unfairly collecting the personal data of citizens without their permission. This is a major downside of being a green card holder or a resident of the U.S. The worst part is that you’ll be subjected to the same injustice when you consume services provided by a business legally registered within the U.S. Any internet surfer testing out a VPN company based in the U.S. should be well aware of their rights and the risks involved.
If you’re living in Great Britain, the more logical option for you would be a package offered by UK VPN services. No doubt, there are some pretty neat VPN providers in the U.K. but what if the best UK VPN doesn’t suit your requirements? After all, the ultimate goal of a VPN is to give you security and anonymity at your terms. Every user has different needs and it’s not just about affordability. Location matters a great deal and you must find a VPN company that has maximum VPN servers near your destination.
What’s the solution if you have already shortlisted some high-quality U.S.-based VPN providers or paid for their subscription, for now, make sure you look for two things: no logs and no sharing of user information. Like it has already been mentioned, keeping logs of users signing in and out of their VPN accounts is a form of tracking. Intelligence agencies can build user profiles through such data and present it as evidence against users in an actual case. Of course, it’s a no-brainer that the sharing of personal information like name, address, credit card number, etc. could lead the authorities straight to you during an investigation. So, stay safe with these few tips.

The Restrictions and Dangers of The Latest Cyber Bill

The censorship of sexual websites by the government has stuck a needle in so many people’s feet. To get that censorship removed, one has to go through the most embarrassing call of one’s life to one’s ISP and request it to be turned off as if the filters are set on automatically unless requested to be turned off, so why not go for UK VPN services? Secondly, the government has also deprived its nation of sex education as well as all the information on the net on sexual abuse, sexual rights and sites with hobos. That has caused an obstruction in the cause of good and entertainment for some. Also, the recent attacks in Manchester that occurred in May 2017 have made things more complex, the UK government has tightened the surveillance online and no one can escape that until and unless they get hold of a reliable non-UK based VPN.
Clear Need for Best VPN for UK
The latest cyber bill passed by the government has ensured a sentence of 2 to 10 years of imprisonment in case anyone is caught torrenting.  It has actually become a matter of life now and one must not act on the internet without a VPN at all costs.

Get Your Freedom!

Where are the promised rights of freedom for Britishers? If the rights are being taken away, we have ways to get them back to you. Buy your suitable VPN right now and get the best out of it. Enjoy your time with unlimited TV series, Brits!