4 Best VPNs for Mac to Secure Your Device From Hacks

Public Wi-Fi is one of the best free services to enjoy today. You can plop down on a comfortable chair, whip out your iPhone or MacBook and start surfing the internet for absolutely no charge. Students often use toasty coffee shops and cafés to complete their assignments. Frequent travelers also have a deep appreciation for free public Wi-Fi. However, are you aware of the dangers that come along with using one? Well, if you don’t then you really got to know what it can inflict on you and what can be the solution to it.

Why you require a VPN Client for Mac

Cybercrime Is a Real Threat

According to PWC, cybercrime is the second most common economic crime reported this year. That’s right! So how can anybody feel safe online? When you are working using a free public WiFi, there is zero guarantee of security. Any other user can hack into your system and access programs, sensitive documents, pictures, videos, credit card information and accounts of every kind. That’s how much trouble a cybercriminal can cause if you don’t take measures to protect your system from them.
This is one of the reasons why users are hesitant to conduct transactions through online banking and payment through apps. The good news is that developers have come up with the ultimate software that can keep you safe from hackers working towards different agendas. There are some who are professional hackers who are hired for criminal activities. There are also those who do it just for fun so you could be an innocent victim. High-level hacking is carried out on the orders of government national security departments. If they feel that your activities are a threat in some way, like anti-government schemes in some countries, you can be legally charged for this crime. Think of all the ways you can be framed for a crime you didn’t commit if a hacker enters your system and plants false information. This is why even a record of your connections could be potentially up for a trial to hack your system.  

Unhindered Access to Restricted Content

It’s not just about who can reach into your system but how far your own reach can extend. There are millions of banned websites and apps all over the world depending on political circumstances and government policies. Imagine going on a trip to China, preparing for an exciting episode of Stranger Things only to find that Netflix is blocked due to geo-restrictions. Now, that would be scarier than phantoms in American Horror Story. If you visit a country where major news websites and apps like The New York Times are banned, you will feel completely cut off from the outside world. There are several streaming websites which offer limited to no access to people residing in locations outside of its list. This means that even if you have a legal account and have subscribed to that service, your money will be going to waste as long as you are physically in a location where its services are unavailable. As a student, you can have access to millions of resources which were previously barred to you due to your own location.

What is a VPN?

A virtual private network (VPN) is a fool-proof way to solve all these privacy and access issues in one stroke. Basically, you choose the VPN deal for MAC that affords powerful encryption hiding all your personal data while concealing your IP address. This is a two-pronged approach that guarantees amazing internet browsing and applies to apps as well. Whether you are running a cheap VPN on Mac or your iPhone, it should operate smoothly and keep you secure even on a free public Wi-Fi connection. No matter where you currently reside, there will be zero restrictions on what content you can view when you select a suitable location on VPN Mac like the United States or the United Kingdom where users are normally able to get benefits from most websites and apps due to no restrictions, thanks to VPN!
Is VPN for Mac Required for All of Us?
Here are some of the best Mac VPN providers that have been given high ratings by users from around the world. As you will learn, they have dedicated servers in several countries in common locations. Each server employs various VPN protocols that offer powerful protection as Mac VPN client connects to a selected server that gives optimum performance.

1. NordVPN – Best VPN for Mac

The feature that makes NordVPN stand out amongst its competitors is its double encryption, meaning you get not one but two amazing layers of protection for the price of one. It also boasts the capability of handling up to six devices at the same time on a single VPN account. It is perfect for P2P downloads owing to its superior security blanket. You can purchase one of the NordVPN packages anonymously with Bitcoin or use PayPal among other methods. There’s not a piece of doubt for having Nord VPN in the top 2 of Best Mac VPN.

NordVPN Pricing

2. ExpressVPN

Undoubtedly, the best VPN for Mac is ExpressVPN although it is slightly on the pricier end as compared to others in the market at the moment. However, you get excellent features and unlimited bandwidth which makes ExpressVPN well worth the $12.95/ month set for its regular price plan. It has expanded its services to 87 countries so its accessibility is the biggest appeal along with its four strong VPN protocols and user-friendly interface makes it best mac vpn on our list.

3. IPVanish

The great thing about IPVanish is that it is not located in the United States. You might think that this lowers its credibility, but in fact, it keeps its legs out of the harmful user privacy laws applicable to VPN providers based in the United States. IPVanish operates in over 60 countries and is spreading its brilliant services as we speak. It is popular as the fastest VPN for Mac so it is definitely worth giving a try.
You can run it on five devices simultaneously so it’s not a bad deal at all.  

4. TorGuard

If you feel hesitant in making an investment on a VPN then go for TorGuard, which has a 7-day money back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the quality they offer. That is highly unlikely because with over 1600 servers, TorGuard possesses an impressive rank. Spanning over 50 countries, the choice of servers and pricing plans are excellent. You get unlimited bandwidth and the connection is lightndring fast for incredible streaming and downloads.

There is no better option other than mac vpn service to keep your system safe from hackers and snooping government agencies while enjoying unlimited access then sign up for a reliable VPN provider that has powerful servers in your location and has received high ratings from happy users.   

Summary for Best Mac VPN

Price: $6.49/month
Superb App Features
Speed and Reliability Good
more than 40,000+ anonymous IPs
225+ servers in over 60 countries
7 Day Money Back Guarantee
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Price $9.99/month
No Log Policy
Good P2P File Sharing
1 Week trial & Money Back Guarantee
1600+ servers in 50+ Countries
OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP/IPsec, SSTP & iKEv2
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Price $8.32/month for yearly subscription
 30 day Money-back Guarantee
 Upto 256-bit Encryption
 Easy to Use Apps/Software
 24/7 Live Support
 100+ servers in 78 countries
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Price $8.32/month for yearly subscription.
 650+ servers in 50+ countries
2048 bit encryption
Multi Login for 6
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Supports Netflix with SmartPlay Feature on Apps
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